“If Music Be
the Food of Love...
Sing On”

Vocal Coaching
with Ingrid Heyn

for choirs, performance groups, etc.

Ingrid Heyn - lyric-dramatic coloratura soprano

Revitalise your choir or group with a workshop conducted by Ingrid Heyn. Work on existing repertoire or explore new works, and discover how much more you can give in your performances! Amateur or professional groups, whatever your level of expertise, you will thoroughly enjoy your vocal / performance workshop, and will be amazed at the passion and beauty you can create as a group.

Singing is never just about singing the notes. Whether your choir is singing mostly for fun, or singing regularly in front of audiences, there is often a more exciting and more thoroughly controlled level that you as a group can reach. Whether your choir wants to focus on interpretation or on a more highly skilled musical approach, Ingrid can help you find what you need.

This intense level of work is challenging but very easily attainable. Once your choir realises how achievable improved results are, it can revitalise the entire group.

Your choir or group simply gathers in your usual rehearsal venue. Ingrid will come to your choir or group to give you the required coaching.

Duration: Workshops run from 1-3 hours, as required.
For all choirs/groups within 200-km radius from Melbourne's CBD:
Cost for 1-hour session: $100 (incl. GST)
Cost for 2-hour session: $180 (incl. GST)
Cost for 3-hour session: $280 (incl. GST)

Country & Interstate: special arrangements apply for country or interstate coaching. Hirer responsible for transportation cost and overnight accommodation if necessary. Minimum hiring fee: $350 plus costs.
International: special arrangements apply for interstate coaching. Hirer responsible for airfare and accommodation. Minimum hiring fee: $500 plus costs.

Contact Ingrid now to book your workshop or coaching session.

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